PGX 21.1.1


PGX (Parallel Graph AnalytiX) is a graph toolkit that provides a graph query language, optimized analytics algorithms, and machine learning support to extract insights hidden in the connections across datasets at high-performance and extreme scale. The PGX overview page gives more details on what features and funcionalities PGX offers.

While graphs have become ubiquitous nowadays as the backbone of multiple applications - from search engines and recommender systems to intelligent chatbots, PGX enables fast graph analysis on such industry-scale graphs (with trillions of edges) to reveal latent information between linked entities. We provide open source examples of applications that use PGX in our pgx-samples repository on Github. You can also learn more about using PGX by reading some of our blog posts on the Oracle Artificial Intelligence Blog.

Refer to the quickstart page for a hands-on guide on using PGX.

PGX is available as part of supported Oracle products; you can find more information at this page.