PGX 21.1.1

Control Endpoints in Distributed Execution Mode

In any PGX execution mode, PGX provides a consistent RESTful API layer. However, in distributed execution mode, PGX supports a subset of the control endpoints. This page describes limitations of control RESTful endpoints, PGX distributed execution mode has. Please refer REST API Reference if you want to see the full API specification PGX supports.


  • Distributed mode does not support the following graph related control endpoints
  • /control/v1/pinGraph
  • /control/v1/demoteGraph
  • /control/v1/preloadedGraphs/{graphName}
  • /control/v1/graphs
  • /control/v1/graphs/{graphName}

Server Lifecycle

  • The /control/v1/shutdown endpoint will remove all sessions but will leave the distributed mode processes running (the user can cancel this process by sending a signal to it)

Server Information

  • Distributed mode does not support the following control related endpoints
  • /control/v1/threadPool/lookup
  • /control/v1/threadPool/resize
  • /control/v1/memoryInfo
  • /control/v1/sessions
  • /control/v1/sessions/{SID}/graphs/{graphName}
  • It is currently possible to only retrieve a subset of a server configuration from
  • /control/v1/pgxConfig