1 New Features

This chapter describes the new features in Oracle Communications Convergence.

Instant Messaging Presence Available in the Calendar

Convergence is enhanced so that a user can configure their instant messaging status to automatically change based on events in their calendar. If a calendar event is configured to appear as "busy" time, then the user's status automatically changes to busy for the duration of the event.

See the discussion about instant messaging service administration in Convergence System Administrator's Guide for more information.

Oracle Communications Contacts Server Integration

Convergence is enhanced to integrate with Oracle Communications Contacts Server to provide the address book service. Contacts Server is a vCard-compliant network address book service store. Contacts Server can migrate your existing address book data to conform to vCard.

See the Oracle Communications Contacts Server documentation for more information.

Attachment Previewing in Convergence

Convergence is enhanced to integrate with Oracle Outside In Transformation Server, which allows Convergence to preview many common attachment types in the browser. When Convergence is integrated with Oracle Outside In Transformation Server, users can preview several types of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in Convergence without having to launch an external application.

See the discussion about managing attachment previewing in Convergence System Administrator's Guide for more information.

Email and Calendar Search Improvements

When searching email or the calendar, the enhanced default behavior is for Convergence to search all attributes at once. For example, when searching the inbox for an email, the search is performed on the subject, the body, the sender, and the recipients all at once.

Mail Filtering Improvements

Convergence is enhanced with the following new email filtering options: message body, attachment type, attachment name, priority, and date.

Sound Notifications for New Email and Instant Messages

Users can configure Convergence to play a sound notification when a new email or instant message is received. You can also customize the sound to be played.

The Convergence online Help includes instructions for enabling this feature.

Convergence Monitoring Enhancements

Convergence is enhanced with new tools and metrics for monitoring Convergence.

The following Java management extensions (JMX) metrics are included in Convergence:

  • Number of failed login attempts

  • Number of active instant messaging sessions since server start

  • Total number of active sessions

Also, use the iwcmetrics command-line utility to monitor non-JMX metrics, such as the status of back-end service servers.

See the discussion about monitoring Convergence in Convergence System Administrator's Guide for more information.

Security Enhancements

This release of Convergence includes many security enhancements, including:

  • Convergence is enhanced to no longer use secure socket layer version 3 (SSLv3).

  • Convergence is enhanced to enforce HTTPS redirection by default.

  • You can configure Convergence to use HTTP strict transport security (HSTS).