1 Overview

This chapter provides an overview of the Oracle Communications Network Integrity MIB-II SNMP cartridge.

About the MIB-II SNMP Cartridge

The MIB-II SNMP cartridge enables you to discover devices in your network using the SNMP protocol.The cartridge produces a logical device hierarchy that represents the discovered device and includes a logical device instance and child interface(s) or subInterface instance(s) (collectively called interfaces).

Figure 1-1 shows a discovered logical device.

Figure 1-1 Sample Discovered Logical Device

Displays scan result for discovered logical device

About Cartridge Dependencies

This section provides information on dependencies that the MIB-II SNMP cartridge has on other cartridges.

Run-time Dependencies

For the MIB-II SNMP cartridge to work at run time, the Address_Handlers cartridge must be deployed to Network Integrity.

Design Studio Dependencies

The MIB-II SNMP cartridge has the following dependencies:

  • Address_Handlers

  • NetworkIntegritySDK

  • ora_ni_uim_device

  • ora_uim_model

Opening the Cartridge Files in Design Studio

To review and extend the Network Integrity MIB-II SNMP cartridge, you must first download the Oracle Communications Network Integrity MIB-II SNMP Cartridge media pack from the Oracle software delivery web site:


The media pack contains the MIB-II SNMP cartridge ZIP file, which has the following structure:

  • \UIM_Cartridge_Projects\

  • \Network_Integrity_Cartridge_Projects\

  • \SNMP_MIBs\

  • Address_Handlers-R7.jar

  • MIB_II_SNMP_Cartridge-R7.jar

The \UIM_Cartridge_Projects\ora_ni_uim_device\ project contains the model project used by the MIB-II SNMP cartridge.

The \Network_Integrity_Cartridge_Projects\MIB_II_SNMP_Cartridge\ project contains the extensible Design Studio files.

See the Design Studio online Help and Network Integrity Developer's Guide for information about opening files in Design Studio. See Network Integrity Concepts for guidelines and best practices for extending cartridges.

Building and Deploying the Cartridge

The MIB-II SNMP cartridge does not include any extendable cartridges.

See Design Studio Help for information about building and deploying cartridges.