6 About Model Correction

This chapter explains how some Multi Technology Network Management (MTNM) data is corrected to conform to Oracle Communications Information Model. Model correction occurs when the data received by the discovery action types does not conform to the Information Model. The Oracle Communications Network Integrity Optical TMF814 CORBA cartridge performs model corrections for the following:

Equipment Holder as a Child of a Physical Device

The MTNM model supports an Equipment Holder (rack) as a child of a physical device (managed element [ME]). The Information Model supports only Equipment as a child of physical device. Model correction is used to map a rack, shelf and sub-shelf as equipment.

Sub-Slots of Slots

When a slot has sub-slots, the sub-slots usually contain a card. The MTNM model and TMF814 consider the card as a sibling of the sub-slots. In a network, this card is the parent of sub-slots and the child of the slot. In cases where MTNM does return this sibling, model correction is used to add artificial equipment.

Huawei U2000 MSTP End Port

For Huawei U2000 MSTP devices, the physical port name of end ports is populated with the TMF name. Model correction is used to change the name to contain the native EMS name.