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Understanding Committee Templates

Within most organizations, committees are frequently created that share the same structure and the same member roles; only the set of people who should serve on those committees and their individual names change. Campus Community enables you to define the types of committees that your institution creates, identify the roles that should be on each committee, and then use the types and roles to create templates to help you create and manage committees across your institution.

For example, you can create a template for an undergraduate interviews committee type and associate the roles of chairperson and three interviewers with it. You might want members of this committee type to be recruiters and advisors, in which case you would associate all recruiter and all advisor records with the committee type to provide prompt lists from which to assign individuals to this committee. You then use the template to create a current or ongoing committee and assign individuals to the chair and member roles. You can also specify the dates during which each individual should participate in the committee.