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Understanding the File Parser Process

The File Parser process enables you to convert data from an external file into PeopleSoft data and place it into tables in your Campus Solutions database. The external file can be a delimited file or a flat file. It can be a simple file with one row type or a complex file with several row types. If your institution routinely receives an external file from which you need to move data into your database, consider using the File Parser process to expedite the entry of that data. Whether the file is a small one that your institution receives daily or a large one that is received annually, the one-time setup of the File Parser process for that file can save significant data entry time.

Note: Suggested best practice: When creating File Parser definitions, it is recommended that the targeted tables be of an interim or staging classification, rather than have the File Parser process import data directly into application tables. Using interim or staging tables enable you to use existing data validation processes or create your own data validation processes. These validation processes can ensure that the data is clean before you load the data into one or more application specific tables.

To set up and use the File Parser process for an external file: