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Campus Solutions Overview

This section provides an overview of the Campus Solutions applications. Specifically, it provides overviews of:

PeopleSoft Campus Community

Campus Community enables you to maintain and manage a wide range of basic information about people and organizations of interest to the institution. Each application within Campus Solutions relies on this data which includes an individual's or organization's name, address, and system ID.

Campus Community provides the following functionality:

  • Personal Information Management– This functionality enables you to create and maintain personal data to identify the individuals who comprise the campus community, including names and addresses.

    You can also track personal attributes such as languages, ethnicity, and religious preferences, and health , identification, and participation information. You also set FERPA control and manage system IDs here.

  • Organization Data Management– This functionality enables you to maintain data about the schools and other organizations important to the institution, including addresses, contact names, and phone numbers.

  • (USA) SEVIS (Student and Exchange Visitor Information System) Visa Processing – This functionality enables you to create and maintain foreign visas data about student (F/M) and exchange visitor (J-1) visas and relevant dependent data.

    This functionality includes the ability to submit required information to the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and incorporate updated information received from DHS.

  • The 3Cs– This functionality (communications, checklists, and comments) enables you to create, track, and assign interactions with prospects, applicants, students, alumni, donors, and external organizations.

    The 3Cs are shared across all of Campus Solutions; this is important to consider when designing a 3C setup.

    • Communication Management– Enables you to manage the institution's incoming and outgoing contacts with students, prospects, recruits, staff, alumni, donors, and organizations.

    • Checklist Management– Enables you to create lists to track activities and dues dates, and identify their status at any time.

    • Comment Management– Enables you to enter notes in the database about individuals, organizations, or events.

PeopleSoft Recruiting and Admissions

Recruiting and Admissions administers the institution's admission process by managing recruiters and tracking prospects and applicants. Admissions offices have the ability to empower prospective students through the self-service applications offered with Recruiting and Admissions includes automated processes such as application evaluations, external test score loading, recruitment category assignment, application loading from test score data, and academic transcript loading using the PeopleSoft EDI Manager tool.

The system's integration with Campus Community, Student Records, Student Financials, Financial Aid, and Academic Advisement reduces repetitive entry and enhance ease of communication across the institution's various departments. For example, when an applicant matriculates, her record automatically appears in Student Records.

Recruiting and Admissions includes this functionality:

Comprehensive Recruiting Capabilities

After you create a record for a prospective student, you can store extensive recruiting and education information. Communication, checklist, and comment tools help you tailor contact to meet their individual needs.

  • Capture information about prospective students by means of the new request for information form or through data uploaded from search and testing databases.

  • Maintain information about recruiters, including their role, the types of students they work with, the regions they serve, and their special interest areas.

  • Assign regions, categories, and recruiters to a group of prospects based on a variety of selection criteria. For example, bio/demographic data, address data such as state and postal code, recruiting status, and recruiting center.

  • Organize prospective students and applicants by geographic region, interests, extracurricular activities, their level of interest, and more.

  • Plan and coordinate recruitment events for different programs targeting specific student populations.

  • Develop tailored communication plans based on prospect's or applicant's individual characteristics.

  • Load and assign EPS™ (Enrollment Planning Service) market codes to external organizations to help focus recruiting activities.

  • Collect and analyze data about recruiting activities such as college fairs, open houses, recruiting trips, interviews, mailings, and publications.

Flexible Application Processing

Tailor the recruiting and admissions system according to the institution's unique requirements and practices. Recruiting and Admissions handles both manual and background processing.

  • Maintain multiple applications for an individual applicant.

  • Tailor admission requirements and processing for each academic program.

  • Enable applicants to track application status history through the web.

  • Create admission rating schemes and criteria for automated evaluations.

  • Load transcripts, tests, and applications from external agencies and central application services.

  • Enable an applicant to accept or decline their admission as well as pay their deposit fee online.

  • Update applicant status automatically based on a program's individually defined criteria.

  • Automate evaluations and updates of admission decisions.

  • Set up expert data entry to ease data entry.

  • Admit students without going through the formal admissions process with Quick Enroll/Admit.

  • Quickly delete a prospect or applicant record entered in error.

Recruiting and Admissions includes a variety of summary information pages that provide easy access to data, enabling institutions to make informed day-to-day admissions decisions.

Enrollment Management Features

Set enrollment management targets for specific groups you define by academic institution, career, and term. You can further specify targets by admit type, program status, academic program, gender, and ethnic group. Recruiting and Admissions automatically calculates current enrollment target results.

  • Design a three-level hierarchical structure of enrollment targets with the ability to group and link the levels however you want.

  • Display enrollment target results at any time to track progress toward institutional recruiting efforts.

  • View a list of people who meet the target selection criteria.

  • Create new targets by using the template feature to copy the details you want from existing targets.

  • Generate enrollment management reports listing the target and actual levels the institution has defined.

  • Measure the success of admissions decisions. For example, you can look at how many enrolled students eventually graduate.

PeopleSoft Student Records

Student Records enables you to enter, track, and process all of the academic information. PeopleSoft minimizes repetitive data entry while enabling you to gain maximum control over the records—from the course catalog and schedule of classes to student programs, plans, and subplans.

After applicants are admitted and matriculate, Student Records moves forward to activate, enroll, grade, evaluate, and graduate students. In conjunction with the Academic Advisement processes, the Student Records application tracks students through graduation.

The major features within Student Records are:

  • Course catalog.

  • Schedule of classes.

  • Repeat checking.

  • Instructor workload.

  • Enrollment.

  • Transfer credit processing.

  • Attendance tracking.

  • Student grading.

  • Student data tracking.

  • Transcripts.

  • Academic statistics.

  • Enrollment verifications.

  • Graduation processing.

  • LMS (Learning Management Systems) integration.

PeopleSoft Academic Advisement

Academic Advisement is the application within Campus Solutions that is used to track the requirements and policies that a student must satisfy to graduate. As a student progresses toward graduation, Academic Advisement analyzes those courses completed by the student—both successfully and unsuccessfully—and ascertains what requirements are still outstanding.

Using data from Student Records and requirements entered in Academic Advisement, this application automatically tracks a student's degree progress. After you enter requirements into the system, you can analyze a student's data against the requirements to report degree progress. You can also perform what-if scenarios for student to see what courses they might need to complete for a particular major.

With this application, you can:

  • Set up and view academic course lists, requirements, and requirement groups.

  • Share courses.

  • Modify existing requirements and make exceptions for a specific student.

  • Generate advisement reports.

PeopleSoft Financial Aid

Financial Aid provides a powerful and flexible tool to manage the operations of an institution's financial aid office. The system starts with Federal and Institutional Aid applications and leads you through automated need calculations, budgets, awards, disbursements, loan processing, and tracking data. Support of Department of Education regulations are incorporated into Financial Aid on a regular basis so that the institution remains in compliance with Department of Education regulations and has access to new federal aid initiatives. Financial Aid helps you process and track loan applications under the federal Direct Lending and Federal Family Educational Loan Program (FFELP), along with state, university, and alternative loan programs more efficiently and effectively.

With this application, you can:

  • Establish the general processing for your financial aid office, including award cycles and terms, aid eligibility and packaging, budgets, and application processing options.

  • Process multiple types of aid applications and assess student eligibility.

  • Award, package, and disburse aid to students.

  • Set up and administer CommonLine, Common Record CommonLine, and Direct loan programs.

  • Manage Pell payments and Title IV funds.

  • Manage students' work study.

  • (CAN) Set up and process Canadian financial aid applications.

  • Manage the Fiscal Operation Report and Application to Participate (FISAP).

PeopleSoft Student Financials

Student Financials is a tool for higher education institutions to manage student receivables, billing, collections, and cashiering. Using Student Financials, both staff and students can quickly find and use the financial information they need to make critical decisions.

Student Financials receives information from virtually all areas of Campus Solutions. With this application, you can:

  • Calculate fees and tuition.

  • Maintain customer account information.

  • Create bills.

  • Establish payment plans.

  • Refund tuition and fees.

  • Perform cashiering.

  • Process collections.

  • Interface with a general ledger system.

  • Set up and print tax forms.

PeopleSoft Contributor Relations

Contributor Relations is a comprehensive solution that helps contributor relations professionals to optimize strategic planning and decision making. The application integrates with other PeopleSoft applications within Campus Solutions, Financials, and Human Resources to create an enterprise-wide organizational solution.

Using Contributor Relations, you can implement strategic plans for the handling of constituents, and manage complex campaign efforts, multifaceted events, volunteer efforts, and membership drives using the initiative management feature. Contributor Relations includes a comprehensive gift processing feature that handles the entry of gift, pledge, and membership transactions. This component includes functionality for handling matching gifts, tribute and memorial gifts, acknowledgements, and giving club membership.

Contributor Relations supports all major components of a philanthropic or nonprofit organization in one application. Contributor Relations' eight component functions are completely integrated, enabling efficient workflow, effective data tracking and retrieval, sophisticated reporting features, and cohesive common processes throughout the enterprise.

The eight component functions within Contributor Relations are:

  • Constituent Information

  • Gift and Pledge

  • Prospect Manager

  • Event Manager

  • Campaign Manager

  • Volunteer Manager

  • Membership Manager

  • Planned Giving

PeopleSoft Campus Self Service

Campus Solutions offers Campus Self Service as a separately licensed product. If you have licensed Campus Self Service, you can use the self-service pages described in PeopleSoft Campus Self Service 9.0 product documentation.

Self-service applications bring multiple transactions together into a single unit. You can use self-service pages to provide system access to students, applicants, alumni, faculty, visitors, and other users and allow them to perform a variety of self-service transactions.