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Understanding CS-to-HCM Integration

The CS suite of products has historically resided in a single database instance with HCM. This coupling has enabled CS and HCM to share a person model, a single instance of a person in the system, and student refund processing through HR Payroll. The releases of HCM 9.1 and HCM 9.2 require CS 9.0 and HCM to operate in separate instances. Separation is not mandatory until your institution upgrades to HCM 9.1 or HCM 9.2. However, as of CS 9.0, Oracle delivers the flexible toolset needed to integrate with separated instances of HCM 9.0, 9.1 and 9.2. Whenever your institution decides to separate, its business processes will determine the proper way to integrate the separate instances. These topics describe several possible integration approaches. Although the two databases will be separated, your institution still maintains the ability to search for people and maintain a single EmplID across CS and HCM.