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Understanding Recruiting and Admissions Security

This section lists common elements and discusses recruiting and admissions security.

Field or Control


Access Code

This value is set to Read/Write, which gives the user both read and write access.

All Access

Click to assign access to all recruiting centers, application centers, admissions program actions, or test IDs for the selected user ID and institution combination.

You secure prospect data through the recruiting center, and you secure applicant data through the application center. Access to prospect data or applicant data is given to a user ID by granting access to specified recruiting centers or application centers. If the user ID is not associated with a particular recruiting center, the user ID cannot access prospect data associated with that recruiting center. The same is true for accessing applicant data for a particular application center. You also give access to user IDs for specific program actions, which are associated with recruiting and admissions. In addition, you grant users access to test IDs to control the users who can work with external test data.