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Converting Financial Aid Data

This section provides an overview of conversion of financial aid data and discusses how to populate tables for financial aid.

This section lists prerequisites and discusses conversion of financial aid data.


Before you can convert financial aid data, personal data for each financial aid record must already be converted. In addition, financial aid data should be converted prior to student financials data, because posting of financial aid in Student Financials is dependent upon the disbursements in Financial Aid.

You must define item types before you begin conversion of financial aid data. You must decide whether financial aid or student financials has ownership of the PeopleSoft Item Types table.

Conversion of Financial Aid Data

You should convert up to two years of financial aid data for schools, and as much aggregate data as possible, because it has lifetime loan limit information. Ultimately, it is up to you how much data you convert. You may decide to keep the legacy system up until fall of the conversion year to close out Pell Payment and FISAP reporting.

Note: Please refer to the Department of Education's requirements for maintaining financial aid records to assist you in deciding how much legacy data to convert to the PeopleSoft system.

At a minimum for Financial Aid, convert the aggregate data for these tables:




You may want to convert additional data depending on what you have in the current system:

  • Automatic packaging.

  • ISIR data.

  • Student budget information.

  • Years of award activity.

  • Loan history.

  • Work-study history.

  • Checklists for documents already received.