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Setting Up Mass Change Security

Important! Mass Change is a deprecated product. Support will be maintained for this product, but no new development will be produced for Mass Change. It is strongly recommended that you use Application Engine instead. For more information on PeopleSoft Application Engine, see PeopleTools: Application Engine.

Before using the PeopleSoft Mass Change utility for the first time, you should consider who in the organization should be authorized to use mass change templates and run mass changes. Because the PeopleSoft Mass Change utility is a powerful tool with the ability to modify large portions of the data, you should carefully consider mass change security.

Mass change security governs whether users assigned to a particular permission list can run mass changes online, the templates available to a user, and what mass changes the user can run. To set Mass Change security, go to select PeopleTools, then select Security, then select Permissions & Roles, then select Permission Lists, then select Mass Change.

See PeopleTools: Data Management