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Exporting Grades

Instructors can export class grades to a temporary location, such as their C drives. Instructors can export grades as many times as needed.

To export grades:

  1. Click the Export button on the Class Gradebook page.

  2. Wait for the export process to finish.

  3. If your browser prompts you with the option to open the file from its present location or to save it to your local computer's hard drive, choose the latter.

  4. Specify the location on your directory where you want the system to place your class gradebook csv file, and detach the file.

  5. Launch your spreadsheet program (for example, Microsoft Excel).

  6. Navigate to the directory that you specified, locate your csv file, and launch it.

  7. Use the csv file to view or manipulate data locally, or save the file as a Microsoft Excel file and use it for your manipulations.

Before you can export grades, you must define an FTP URL address for your system on the URL Maintenance page.