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Understanding Enrollment Feedback

Each state in Australia has access to a Tertiary Admissions Centre (TAC) that makes offers of admission on behalf of participating institutions. After TAC makes the offers, each institution becomes responsible for recording all acceptances of offers and all subsequent enrollments.

The four TACs in Australia that make offers are the University Admissions Centre-NSW & ACT (UAC), South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC), Victorian Tertiary Admissions Centre (VTAC), and Queensland Tertiary Admissions Centre (QTAC).

The final phase of the main TAC admissions period is known generically as enrollment feedback and involves the return of statistical information about applicants to the relevant TAC. In this phase, it is verified whether or not those applicants who accepted offers are in fact enrolled at the institution as of the census date of 31 March.

The principal purpose of the Enrollment Feedback file is to collect enrollment information about applicants who have been made an offer of admission through a TAC. The information is used by the TACs, participating institutions, Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education (DIISRTE), New South Wales Vice Chancellors Committee (NSWVCC), Australian Vice Chancellors Committee (AVCC), and other organizations for statistical purposes and future TAC application processing.

Each TAC has an enrollment feedback file that differs in format and field type; however, three of the TACs just require a file to be created in their own specified format. These files all get processed through different software. The other TAC (QTAC) delivers two files that must have fields appended.

Note: Only students loaded into your system using the TAC Load process (SAD_TACLDANZ) appear on the Enrollment Feedback reports.

Field or Control


Admit Term

Enter the admit term for which you are reporting your students. The process captures and reports on any student loaded through the TAC Load process whose admit term matches the term you specify.

File Output

Enter the directory location and name for the enrollment feedback output files. The system displays one or more file output fields based on the TAC that you process.

Input File Path

For QTAC and VTAC, enter the file name and directory location where your institution has put the files received from the TAC. The file name is determined as delivered by the TAC.


Enter the academic institution for which you want to generate an enrollment feedback report.

Run Date

Enter the date you want to use for the run date on the enrollment feedback report. The run date is usually 31 March each year. The system populates this field with today's date by default.