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Understanding Integration with LMS Self-Service User Authentication

PeopleSoft LMS interoperability also provides single sign on authentication within PeopleSoft Campus Self Service, enabling students and instructors to access their learning management system home page and academic content for their LMS classes without having to sign on to the LMS website.

PeopleSoft LMS authentication uses the IMS enterprise system specifications to create a batch XML V1.1 extract file that is imported into the external LMS database. The XML V1.1 LMS extract file type is designated within the schedule of classes and autogenerates an LMS extract group ID that the system supplements with a term code and the class number to create a unique class identifier.

The LMS authentication passes user ID information and, as required, the unique class identifier to the LMS website. The user is authenticated and taken to the designated page within the LMS website, either the user's home page or the academic content for a specific class.

Note: Currently, WebCT Vista 2.1 and WebCT Campus Edition Institutional (version 4.1) are the only external learning management systems using the LMS authentication feature. Prior versions of WebCT are not supported. To determine whether support for other LMS applications has been added since this publication, please contact your PeopleSoft GSC representative.

See the following document which is available on My Oracle Support: “Configuring Self-Service User Authentication for Your Learning Management System Website”.