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Understanding Program Actions and Statuses

When you execute program actions to change a student's program data, the corresponding program action status often changes. For your reference, the program actions and program statuses relevant to Student Records are explained in the following table:

Program Action Selected


System Updates Program Status To

Additional Steps Required

ACTV (Activate)

A student is ready either to enroll in a term or to be evaluated for transfer credit.

Active in Program


WADM (Administrative Withdrawal)

A student is withdrawn for administrative reasons.


Post the withdrawal on the student Withdrawal page.

COMP (Completion of Program)

A student has completed the program.

Program Complete

If the student is ready for graduation processing, complete the graduate process on the Student Degrees page.

DEFR (Defer Enrollment)

A person has been admitted, and may be active for one admit term, but will actually enroll in a later admit term. This action lets you change the admit term for the applicant and record that they are deferring enrollment.

The last action's program status.


DATA (Data Change), PRGC (Program Change), PLNC (Plan Change)

Data relative to a student's program, plan, or career status was changed.

No status effect.

When you change a student's program with one of these program actions and the start date of the new program is after the effective date of the change, the system automatically resets the Form of Study field on the student's career term record to the default value of enrollment (ENRL). Use the Form of Study field on the Term Activation page to specify a value other than the default.

DISM (Dismissal)

A student is dismissed from the academic institution.


Post the withdrawal on the student Withdrawal page.

DISC (Discontinuation)

A student discontinues attendance.


Post the withdrawal on the student Withdrawal page.

LEAV (Leave of Absence)

A student takes a leave of absence from his program.

Leave of Absence


RADM (Readmit)

A person has applied to reenter a student career and academic program for which they already have a student record.

Active in Program

When you choose this action, the Career Number field on the Admissions Application Maintenance page becomes editable. On the Application Maintenance page, you must select which student record should be populated with the readmit information if the student enrolls again. Additionally, if you enter this action, the admit type that you enter on the Application Data page must be associated with readmit processing.

RLOA (Return from Leave of Absence)

A student returns from a leave of absence.


Activate the student.

REVK (Revoke Degree)

Revoke a student's degree. The system automatically updates the student degree tables. Revoked degrees do not appear on the student transcript.


Activate the student.

SPND (Suspension)

A student is suspended from your academic institution.


Post a withdrawal on the student Withdrawal page.

TRAN (Transfer to Other Career)

A student makes an intercareer transfer.

Program Completed

Activate the student in the new academic career.

ADRV (Admission Revocation)

A person was admitted into an academic program, but it was later determined that the person did not qualify for admission.



MATR (Matriculation)

A person has completed all necessary steps to become an active student in an academic program.


Activate the student into the academic program.