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Converting Existing Transfer Components into Component Subject Areas

If you are upgrading your Student Records system and you have existing transfer component data in your application tables, run the delivered upgrade script, UPG_SR. This upgrade script moves your existing transfer component data from the former application-data table structure into the current application-data table structure. It assigns all transfer components within an existing course transfer equivalency rule to a single component subject area that is named after the original rule in which the transfer component resides. After you run the upgrade script, use the Transfer Subject Area component to access each of the component subject areas that the upgrade script creates, just as you would any other component subject area that you manually define. The data for all component subject areas, regardless of how they were created, are stored in the same table (EXT_TRNSFR_SUBJECT).

Next, you must go to the Course Transfer Rules page and create your course transfer equivalency rules, attaching the component subject area to rules, as appropriate. The system writes course transfer equivalency rule data to the EXT_TRNSFR_RULE_SUBJ table. You can continue course transfer credit processing using predefined rules, as usual.