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Generating a Reverse Engineering Report

This section provides an overview of the Reverse Engineering Report and discusses how to generate the report.

Use the Reverse Engineering Report page to search for a requirement, course, course list, or condition that the system is using. You can search to find out which requirement group contains a specific requirement; which course list contains a specific course; which requirement contains a specific course list; and which requirement group, requirement, or requirement line contains a specific condition.

The Reverse Engineering reports include enrollment and academic advisement requirement groups, requirements, and course lists.

To produce a Reverse Engineering report:

  1. Enter the report type and any other general parameters on the Reverse Engineering Report page.

  2. Click the Run button to process the report.

Page Name

Definition Name



Reverse Engineering Report


  • select Academic Advisement, then select Advisement Reports, then select Reverse Engineering

  • select Curriculum Management, then select Enrollment Requirements, then select Reverse Engineering Report

Enter the parameters that are to capture the data that you want to review. Select a report type to enable the page to display the appropriate parameter fields.