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Modifying Scheduled Classes

Use the Schedule of Classes component when you want to modify or maintain data for classes that have been scheduled. The functionality of the pages in this component are identical to the Schedule New Course component, but the view of classes offered to you is limited to scheduled classes only.

For institutions that schedule large numbers of sections of a class and have facility conflict check activated, use the Schedule Class Meetings component to edit facility and meeting pattern information for scheduled classes. Because the system performs edit checks only on an individual class section (rather than for all the sections of the class), you benefit from faster performance.

Note: To use the Schedule Class Meetings component to schedule facility and meeting pattern information, enter all information for the class, except facility and meeting pattern in the Schedule of Classes or Schedule New Course components. Then go to the Schedule Class Meetings component, enter the subject and catalog number for the class, select the first section, and update the facility/meeting pattern information one section at a time, using the Next in List button on the tool bar to scroll through all the sections for the course.