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(Optional) Correcting Report Data

Before you send your report to the government, you may want to correct the reporting data. You can correct reporting data in one of two ways:

  1. PeopleSoft source pages (student data or setup data).

  2. Report data pages (for example, the Student Course 1 page).

When you rerun the report, the system reprocesses any changes that you make using method one, as long as the effective date of the change is less than or equal to the value in the Report Due Date field on the Can Report Period page. This implies that you must rerun the extract program. If you do not enter a date in the Report Due Date field, the system references the system date to determine what to include in the report.

Note: You will make most corrections using method number one. You should correct data using method two only if you are certain that you will not be required to rerun the reports extract program. The extract program will overwrite any corrections you make in method two when you rerun the process. Changes made through method two are best used for updating the flat file.