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Viewing System Messages for Student Records COBOL Processes

You can view system messages for certain COBOL processes within Student Records that are specifically coded to use this message log. These processes log all messages to the student records message log table whenever you run them. The messages include successful completions of the process and errors that the process encounters. When you run one of these processes, the system displays a message indicating that you can view messages for the process on the Message Log page. Depending on the commit frequency of the process, you can usually view messages in this catalog only after the process finishes.

This section discusses how to view system messages.

Page Name

Definition Name



Message Log


select Curriculum Management, then select Schedule of Classes, then select Review Message Log, then select Message Log

View system messages.

Access the Message Log page (select Curriculum Management, then select Schedule of Classes, then select Review Message Log, then select Message Log).

Field or Control


Process Instance

A number that uniquely identifies each process request and its position in the queue. The system automatically increments and assigns a process instance value to each process request.

Job ID

Multiple process definitions can be logically linked to a job request to process each request serially or in parallel, and optionally to initiate subsequent processes based on the return code from each prior request. If applicable, the system displays the identification code for the PSJob.

Program Name

If applicable, the system displays the name of the program within the PSJob to which the messages relate.

Message Sequence

Each individual message has a sequence in relation to the others, revealing the order in which the process wrote the messages to the log.


The system displays the severity of the message, such as Error.

Last Update Date Time

The date and time that the system last updated the message appears here.

Message Text

Information about the process status appears here. Typically, this field displays messages that describe the status of the program that you are running.


A more detailed explanation of the message text appears here.