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Understanding PeopleSoft Outreach for Fundraising

PeopleSoft Outreach is a self-service application that provides tools and features for two roles within your organization: the development outreach officer and the student recruiting officer. The fundraising portion of the application is designed to help the outreach officer focus on the prospect, not the process.

The target users of PeopleSoft Outreach include organization employees designated as prospect managers, outreach officers, or other advancement officers who may travel frequently.

Because of the extensive clearance process that exists at many philanthropic organizations, PeopleSoft Outreach strategy and action pages provide records only for those IDs who are actual prospects. The IDs of these prospects are contained in the user's My Prospects workset, which is created on the AV_WORKSET and AV_WORKSET_MBR records.

Various resource assignment processes within PeopleSoft Contributor Relations manage additions to the My Prospects workset. When a new assignment is made, the system adds the EMPLID or EXT_ORG_ID of the newly assigned prospect to the user's My Prospects workset. Likewise, when an assignment is no longer active, the system removes the EMPLID or EXT_ORG_ID of the prospect from the My Prospects workset. PeopleSoft Outreach contains a workset initialization and maintenance process, the My Prospects Application Engine process (AV_WS_MYPROS) that controls additions and removals by regenerating the My Prospects workset each time that users run it.

This section discusses PeopleSoft Outreach business processes.

For the outreach officer who travels a lot, PeopleSoft Outreach provides a way to easily manage constituent and prospect data while away from the office. The self-service application gives users quick access to the information that they need to cultivate and communicate with constituents and donor prospects. The application also filters and organizes the information and efficiently presents it on self-service pages.

Typically, outreach officers are assigned a number of constituents to manage through the development life cycle. This life cycle includes identifying constituents, informing them of relevant news about the organization's fundraising efforts, gaining their interest in the organization's mission, involving them in activities, and helping them invest in the organization's future. PeopleSoft Outreach presents tools to analyze prospects and to develop strategies to move these constituents through the development life cycle. The prospects that outreach officers manage are generally in the interested, involved, or ready to invest steps of the life cycle.

PeopleSoft Outreach comprises four major processes:

  • My Action Plan

  • Prospect Strategy.

  • Prospect Actions.

  • Prospect information views for analysis.

PeopleSoft Outreach uses PeopleSoft Contributor Relations workset functionality to build the My Prospects workset through which a user can easily progress. Building a prospect workset creates a smaller subset of the database that contains only those IDs that are relevant to the outreach officer.