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Understanding Self-Service Community Directory Search

Important! Mass Change is a deprecated product. Support will be maintained for this product, but no new development will be produced for Mass Change. It is strongly recommended that you use Application Engine instead. For more information on PeopleSoft Application Engine, see PeopleTools: Application Engine.

The Community Directory Search self-service functionality enables you to provide searchable directories of members of your campus community online over the internet. Instead of exposing an entire list of people at your institution and having users load and search through it, you can make student, employee, or alumni directories available so users can search from smaller online lists and quickly locate individuals at your institution.

To set up PeopleSoft Community Directory Search, run the Community Directory Load process to generate a student, employee, or alumni directory. Specify the appropriate mass change definition for the directory to generate, and specify the type of data to include in that directory.

If a student places FERPA privacy restriction on a specific type of data for him or herself, the system will not expose that data in the online directory. Or, if the individual placed the restriction but chose to release it for inclusion in a specific publication, for example, the Student Directory, then even though the data can not be released elsewhere, the system displays it in the specified directory as indicated.