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Using Administrative Requests

This section provides an overview of administrative requests, known to the student as Request Counselor Action, and lists the page used to initiate and update administrative requests.

Administrative requests refer to any comment or request for action by students regarding their financial aid package. A request can be to increase the total aid package, replace loan awards with scholarships and grants, or cancel the financial aid application. A student can file a request for counselor action without taking any action toward accepting, reducing, or declining all or part of the financial aid package.

The Request Counselor Action link on the Financial Aid – Award Package page takes the student to the data entry page for the administrative request. The system displays the highest sequenced record. If there are no existing requests, or if the highest sequenced request exists with a status of Closed, the system creates a new request for the student. The Request Type defaults to Change Request with a status of Open. The student cannot change the status but can cancel or close the current request. The status remains open until either a counselor or the student closes the request. If a counselor closes the request, the counselor can enter the action taken. If a student closes the request, the system sets the action to None.

If there is an outstanding request with a status of Open or Pending, the system displays the current request to the student. The student can add comments or close the current request. The student can also view prior requests if there is more than one existing request.

Page Name

Definition Name



Financial Aid - Request Counselor Action


Click the Request Counselor Action link on the Financial Aid - Award Package page.

Request a change or meeting, or withdraw aid application. If a request is open, additional requests are appended to that existing request. If it is closed, additional requests are treated as new requests.