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Viewing Self-Service Class Rosters

This section lists the pages that instructors use to view class rosters through self-service.

Page Name

Definition Name



Class Roster


  • select Self Service, then select Faculty Center, then select Class Roster

  • Self Service, Faculty Center, My Schedule

    Click the Class Roster icon for a class or the Class Roster subtab.

Instructors view the students who are enrolled in a class, have dropped a class, or are on the wait list for a class. Instructors can display student photos on the class roster.

Send Notification


Click the select Notify Selected Students or Notify All Students link on the Self-Service Class Roster page.

Instructors send email notifications to selected students or all students in a class.

If a notification failure occurs, the sender receives a returned email indicating the type of failure, for example, host unknown.

Students Without Email Address


This page appears when you click the Notify All Students link and there are students on the class roster who do not have email addresses in the system.

Displays the students on the class roster who do not have email addresses.

Printer Friendly Version


Click the Printer Friendly Version link on the Self Service Class Roster page.

Displays a printer-friendly version of the class roster.