B Installing RStudio

This appendix provides tips for installing RStudio Server for use with Oracle R Enterprise on Linux. This appendix includes these topics:

B.1 About RStudio

RStudio is a free, open source Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for R. RStudio is available under GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL). You can use RStudio with Oracle R Enterprise, however RStudio is not included with Oracle R Enterprise. If you want to use RStudio, you must install and license it separately.

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B.2 Installing RStudio Server

RStudio Server is a Linux application that provides a web-based interface to R on a server.

To install RStudio Server for use with Oracle R Enterprise: 

  1. Download RStudio to your Linux system from the RStudio website and follow the installation instructions:


  2. Edit the configuration file rserver.conf. Supply the values of RHOME and ORACLE_HOME.

    sudo vi /etc/rstudio/rserver.conf

    Note: The default value of RHOME on Linux is /usr/lib64/R.

  3. Edit the configuration file .Renviron. Supply the values of ORACLE_HOME, ORACLE_HOSTNAME, and ORACLE_SID. For example, using the BASH shell:

    cd /home/oracle
    sudo vi .Renviron
    export ORACLE_HOME
    export ORACLE_SID
  4. Refer to the instructions for configuring the server at:


B.3 Installing RStudio Desktop

RStudio Desktop is an IDE for standalone machines.

To install RStudio Desktop: