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PeopleSoft Investor Portal Implementation

In the planning phase of your implementation, take advantage of all PeopleSoft sources of information, including the installation guides and the PeopleBooks for other products in this solution.

This section lists how to set up PeopleSoft Investor Portal



Complete setup of the Scorecard.

See PeopleSoft Scorecard 9.1 PeopleBook.

Complete setup of the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub.

See Portal and Site Administration .

Complete configuration of the Investor Portal content folders and configure links to Investor Insights and Tools.

See Understanding PeopleSoft Investor Portal Content Management.

Configure the location for assembled reports.

See Configuring the Location for Assembled Reports.

Create content folders

See Creating Content Folders.

Create report templates.

See Creating Report Templates.

Establish multi-level approval process.

See Setting Up and Managing Multi-Level Approval.

Assemble reports

See Assembling Reports.

Send content

See Sending Content.