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Understanding PeopleSoft Investor Portal Content Management

This section discusses:

The PeopleSoft Investor Portal leverages the content management system of the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub The Investor Portal provides you with specific content folders that act as libraries of information for your specific investor portal content. These content folders offer the ability to create content, edit content, a check-in and check-out function, version controls to safeguard editions of content, and a submission and approval process that culminates in content available for publishing to a wider audience. With PeopleSoft Investor Portal, we deliver three main content folders:

  • Policies & Procedures are vital to support corporate performance management, such as the audit process and certification process, and proposed and new regulations.

  • Disclosures & Communications such as press releases, webcasts, and presentations.

  • SEC Filings, both in process and filed reports.

The PeopleSoft Investor Portal also leverages the news publications features of the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub enabling companies to take the content they have created and submit it for publication to the External Investor Portal for your investors.

Before completing implementation and setup of the features described in this topic, you must be familiar with the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub content management and news publication systems.

PeopleSoft Investor Portal Pack provides the Investor Insights & Tools pagelet, for the Internal Investor Portal with links to the content folders described above, as well as a:

  • Multi-Level Approval tool enabling users to route content in the content folders for approval by multiple individuals with automated email and notifications.

  • Report Template tool enabling users to build and save templates for specific reports.

  • Report Assembler tool enabling users to assemble financial reports, such as a 10K or 10Q report.

  • Send Content feature enabling users to electronically distribute files.

The sections in this topic describe how to configure and administer these insights and tools.