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Understanding PeopleSoft Investor Portal Pagelet

The pagelet delivered with the PeopleSoft Investor Portal provides your users within your company with at-a-glance access to data. The portal pagelet is an internet page on which you can configure the content.

This pagelet is specific for the Internal Investor Portal. In this pagelet internal users will be able to personalize the data displayed.

The following table lists the pagelet we deliver.


External Investor Portal

Internal Investor Portal

Investor Insights and Tools



In addition to the pagelet listed above, you will have access to the PeopleSoft EPM Portal Pack Key Performance Indicator (KPI) pagelets as part of the PeopleSoft Investor Portal.

These pagelets enable managers within your organization to have quick access to information regarding the performance of the company. They can quickly review pre-mapped Key Performance Indicator (KPI) results; see assessment results for key scorecard components and KPI; see how successfully you are achieving your goals within each balanced scorecard perspective; and see KPI dimension ranking, comparisons, and details.

These pagelets are described in the PeopleSoft EPM: Portal Pack. To configure these pagelets for use with the Interaction Hub, refer to PeopleSoft Performance Management Installation Guide and PeopleSoft Portal Installation Guide, “Creating Content Provider Navigation Collections (Recommended).”

Note: As part of the PeopleSoft Investor Portal we deliver all the CFO and government portal KPIs as well as Investor Portal-specific KPI for use with the PeopleSoft EPM Portal Pack.