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Assembling Reports

Once you have created report templates, generated and approved content, you can assemble your financial reports using the Report Assembler tool. This section discusses how to assemble reports.

Page Name

Definition Name


Report Assembler Page


Assemble reports from already created content.

See Viewing Report Assembler Page.

View Section Page


Depending on the source for which you select Section, either attach a file, enter text, or view a section of predefined content.

See Viewing Report Assembler Page.

View Report Page


View the entire report.

See Viewing Report Assembler Page.

Image: Report Assembler page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Report Assembler page. You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page.

Report Assembler page

Enter the template ID to use and an ID for the report. Then enter a description.

Note: Unapproved content can be included and saved in the report. However it cannot be viewed in the report preview. The section with the unapproved content displays with a message that the content is not approved. In addition, a report cannot be posted until all the content has been approved.

Field or Control


Content ID

Select the content ID for any Content Management source. The content available is based on the content folder ID entered on the report template.


Click to open the View Section page.

For a source of Content Management, you can preview the section of content.

For a source of User Input, you can enter the text in the text box provided. Use the Spell Check button to check the spelling of the text you enter.

For a source of Text/HTML File, you can click the Import Text/HTML File button to browse for a text or HTML file you want to use.

Note: The system only supports file types of HTML or text for use as a source.


Click to open the View Report page on which you can preview the entire report. Click Return to return to the Report Assembler page. You can only preview content that has been approved.

Post Report

Click to post the report. You must Save the report before you can post it. Posting a report generates an HTML version of the content and stores this content in the content folder you configured for you assembled reports.

See Configuring the Location for Assembled Reports.

The page updates to display the following fields:

Field or Control


File Report

This button displays but is not active. The report must be approved before it can be filed.

Content ID

System-generated content ID for the report you have created.

Edit Multi-Level Approval List

Link that opens the Multi Level Approval List page on which you can set up the approval list for this report. Once you have set up the approval list save the page. You can also use this page to review the approval status of the report.

Once you have saved the page, the report will have an approval status of New. It can now be picked up by the Multi-Level Approval process.

See Setting Up and Managing Multi-Level Approval.

Sending Assembled Reports for Approval

Once you have set up and saved the multi-level approval list, the Multi-Level Approval process picks up the report on the next run. The approval status of the report is set to Pending, and the system schedules the approval process with emails and notifications.

Filing a Report

Once all approvals have been received for the report, you can file the report by accessing the Report Assembler page.

The File Report button is now active. The system files the report in the content folder specified as part of system setup.