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Creating Content Folders

Once you have completed setup of the PeopleSoft Interaction Hub, you will need to implement the content folder structure for the PeopleSoft Investor Portal. The Investor Portal provides three main content folders: Policies & Procedures, Disclosures and Communication, and SEC Filings. However, you will need to configure the folder structure of each of these folders. For example, you may elect to divide the SEC Filings folder into two sub-folders, one for filings in progress and one for published reports.

To establish Investor Portal-specific content folders, you must:

  1. Create the content folders by entering the folder information on the Folder Properties page (go to Content Management, Managed Content, Search Folders, Select a Folder, Click Add Folder).

  2. Enable multi-level approval for any of the folders you create by including the user SEE_MY_APPROVAL_LIST as one of the members of the folder on the Folder Security page. This will trigger the multi-level approval process described later in this topic.