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Creating Report Templates

To create reports, for example for SEC filings, you first need to build templates that define the structure of the reports you want to assemble. This section discusses how to create report templates.

Page Name

Definition Name


Report Template Page


Create a report template.

Use the Report Template page ( EPICP_TMPL_DEFN ) to create a report template.

Image: Report Template page

This example illustrates the fields and controls on the Report Template page. You can find definitions for the fields and controls later on this page.

Report Template page showing a sample template for a 10K report.

Enter a template ID and a description for the template. In Template Details enter:

Field or Control


Seq # (sequence number)

Required field that defines the order of the content in the report.

Template Contents

Required field that you can use to describe the type of contents to be included on this page.


Description of the contents.


Use to define the content source. This can be: Content Management, Text/HTML File (a file of text or HTML that you can attach), orUser Input (text or HTML that you can enter directly in the report).

Folder ID

For any Content Management source, select the folder ID (content folder) by clicking the lookup button. You can navigate to the folder ID that you want to use.