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Creating and Filing Financial Reports

This section provides an example of how you can use the PeopleSoft Investor Portal Pack to create an SEC financial report, using the 10K process as an example.

Using the PeopleSoft Investor Portal Pack, the 10K report process can be broken down as follows:

  1. Complete setup of the content folders for SEC reports.

  2. Create a report template for assembling a 10K report.

  3. In the content folder you have created for SEC Filings, create a calendar that outlines the 10K process including the timelines and milestones, as well as the content that needs to be provided with the names of the respective content providers. Use the Notifications page for this content to list all users who should receive notifications when you distribute this calendar. Send this for multi-level approval to ensure everyone involved in the 10K process is aware of the schedule, deliverables, and their responsibilities. This calendar should also provide content providers with the names of the content folders in which they should update or add content.

  4. As each piece of content is created, it can be sent it for multi-level approval.

  5. Once all the content has been generated and approved, use the Report Assembler tool to assemble the final report and submit for multi-level approval.

See Content Management System .