Check Reports

Check reports provide information on the issues encountered when data load rules are run. Note that Check reports return target system values that include aggregation or calculations from the target system.

Note the following when using check reports:

  • When the check report is run and opened from the Workbench, it is not saved to the Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition folder on the server.

  • When you run a data rule, a check rule report is not generated automatically. In this case, run the data rule before executing the check report.

  • If you run the report in offline mode, the report is saved to the outbox on the FDMEE server.

  • To run a data rule and report in batch mode, run the data load rule from a BAT file, and then the report from a BAT file. In this case, you can put each in the same BAT file, or call each of them from a BAT file.