Using Drilling Through

Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition provides a framework that enables you to drill through from your Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System application to the onpremise application. Use drill through when you want to understand the source of a data value, or you need a granular level of detail for a value without leaving the workspace.

When you load data to an EPM System target application using FDMEE, you can specify an optional drill region flag. When set to "Yes," a drill region definition is passed to the target application, in addition to the actual data, to indicate that a cell is "drillable."

When drilling through from the EPM System application, a landing page is displayed in a separate workspace tab that shows all rows that comprise the amount from the selected cell in the Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud application. From this landing page, you can open the source document or continue to drill-through to the defined source system landing page.

Drill through based on a URL requires that you are connected to the server on which the data resides. Drill through works only for data loaded through FDMEE. In addition, because drill through is available in the target application, data load mappings must have at least one explicit mapping for the drill through to work.

You can through at the leaf level or at a summary level. When you drill down from summary, you can view summary members in the Oracle Hyperion Planning data form or reports and view the detail source data that make up the number. To use this feature, select the option Enable Summary Drill on the Application Options tab. After enabling this option and loading the data with the Create Drill Region option set to "Yes," the Drill icon is enabled at the summary level. Drill is limited to 1000 descendant members for a dimension. When you perform a drill down from summary, source data and target data are shown on separate tabs.

Watch these tutorial videos to learn more about using drill through: