Loading Data Using a Universal Data Adapter

The Universal Data Adapter enables you to integrate external source table/view information directly, such as from SQL tables, into Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition bypassing the open interface table. This enables you to see supported data sources in the source system and source adapter details. This feature also enables you to easily connect to any source data where they have access to the underlying database in the case where a prepackaged adapter is not available, or if the pre-packaged adapter does not provide the required data. This feature effectively provides direct integration to any source table or view.

At a high level, the process for integrating a Universal Data Adapter with FDMEE is:

  1. In Oracle Database Integrator, create a data server and physical schema for the source system.

  2. Create a logical schema for the appropriate technology of the adapter in ODI and map it to the physical schema.

  3. In FDMEE, register the source system.

  4. Create a source adapter.

  5. Register the target application (as an Oracle Enterprise Performance Management System Application).

  6. Create an import format (map the source table/view columns and target dimensions). Then regenerate the ODI Scenario.

  7. Create the location.

  8. Create the period mapping.

  9. Create the category mapping.

  10. Create the data load mapping.