Setting the All Data Types Load Method

There are two export load methods in Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management, Enterprise Edition: Numeric Data Only and All Data Type with Security. The All Data Type with Security loads only to the currency specified in the import.

You can select the method to use when loading metadata and data for Account, Period, Year, Scenario, Version, Currency, Entity, user-defined dimensions, attributes, UDAs, exchange rates, Smart Lists, and planning unit hierarchies.


To load numeric data, use the Numeric Data Only load method.
  1. Select the Setup tab, and then under Register, select Target Application.
  2. In Target Application, in the Target Application summary grid, click Add, and then select either Local or Cloud.

    Available options are Cloud (for a Cloud deployment) or Local (for an on-premise deployment).

  3. In Target Application under Application Options, from the Load Method drop-down, select all data types with security.
    Available load method descriptions:
    • Numeric—Loads numeric data only. Oracle Hyperion Planning data security is not enforced in this method.

    • all data types with security— Loads Numeric, Text, Smartlist, Date data types. If the Planning administrator loads data, Planning data security is not enforced. If a Planning non-administrator user loads data, then Planning data security is enforced. A Planning non-administrator user can load only 500,000 cells of data.

  4. From the Date Format drop-down, specify the format of the date data:
    • DD-MM-YYYY
    • MM-DD-YYYY
    • YYYY-MM-DD
  5. Click Save.