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1 Overview

2 Managing Security and Authorizing Users

3 About Standard Profitability

4 Working with Standard Profitability and Cost Management Dimensions and Members

5 Managing Standard Profitability Applications and Dimensions Using Performance Management Architect

6 Standard Profitability Import Staging Tables

7 Exporting Model Definition Data for Standard Profitability

8 Understanding the Detailed Profitability Product Architecture

9 Working with Detailed Profitability Databases

10 Product Schema

11 Model Data Schema for Detailed Profitability

12 Working with Detailed Profitability and Cost Management Dimensions and Metadata

13 Managing Detailed Profitability Applications and Dimensions using Performance Management Architect

14 Calculating Detailed Profitability Models

15 Importing Detailed Profitability Staging Tables

16 Exporting Model Definition Data for Detailed Profitability

17 Understanding Management Ledger Profitability Application Architecture

18 Understanding Management Ledger Dimensions

19 Performing Other Application Management Tasks

A Creating the First Profitability and Cost Management Application with Performance Management Architect

B Creating Applications Using the Profitability Applications Console

C Importing Data into Profitability and Cost Management

D Migrating Data Using EPM System Lifecycle Management

E Backing Up Profitability and Cost Management Components

F Essbase Naming Conventions