Using MaxL Encryption

To use MaxL encryption:

  1. Use essmsh to generate a public and private key. The command essmsh –gk produces a private and a public key on the console: Public Key for Encryption: 25159,850102129; Private Key for Decryption: 240764119,850102129.
  2. Generate an encrypted token using the public key, essmsh -ep admin 25159,850102129.

    You might get a token similar to 906388712099924604712352658511.

  3. Use the token in the MaxL script login $key $1 $key $2 on localhost;
  4. Invoke essmsh using –D option with the private key to execute the script essmsh -D.

    For example, essmsh C:/Temp/maxlcmd1.mxls 240764119, 850102129 906388712099924604712352658511 0893542980829559883146306518502837293210.