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Removal of Extreme Speed. 2

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About This Patch

This Readme file describes the defects fixed in this patch and the requirements and instructions for applying this patch.

Caution: You are urged to carefully read and understand the following requirements. Failure to comply may result in applying a patch that can cause your application to malfunction, including interruption of service and/or loss of data. Before installing or applying this patch:

Verify that your system configuration (product version, patch level, and platform) exactly matches what is specified in the Readme.

Patch Type

This is a patch set update (PSU). It requires a full client installation and replaces the existing installation.

Supported Paths to This Patch

You can apply this patch to any previous release of Crystal Ball.


Required User Rights

Required user privileges or rights:


Use a user account that has Local administrator rights.

Supported Platforms

Applies to all supported platforms.

Supported Languages

This patch is being released on all languages supported by Oracle Crystal Ball.

New Features in this Patch

This section describes the new features and enhancements in Oracle Crystal Ball, Release For detailed information on these features, see the Oracle Crystal Ball User's Guide and other Crystal Ball documentation.

Removal of Extreme Speed

Starting with Crystal Ball, The Extreme Speed feature from PSI Technology is removed. No enhancements to the Extreme Speed feature will be provided, and there are currently no plans to replace it. All Crystal Ball simulations and optimizations will continue to run in Normal Speed, which may be slower than Extreme Speed, depending on the model.

Support for existing PSI Technology Extreme Speed functionality in Crystal Ball Professional, Crystal Ball Premium, Oracle Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer, Oracle Crystal Ball Suite, Crystal Ball Classroom Student Edition, and Crystal Ball Classroom Faculty Edition will follow the published Oracle Lifetime Support Policy.

The Compare Run Modes tool also is removed; it is no longer necessary.

Copying Linked Matrixes

You can now copy and paste cells that are part of a linked matrix. The links are carried over to new assumptions during the copy-paste operation. This feature is useful when you want to apply the same correlation matrix to different sets of assumptions. For details, see Appendix B of the Oracle Crystal Ball User's Guide.

Default Naming Enhancements

Assumptions, decision variables, and forecasts are assigned an automatically-generated, default name when they are defined, either directly or by pasting. When defining these Crystal Ball data cells within tables, the default naming algorithm now includes the column and row headers of the table. For more information, see Chapter 3 of the Oracle Crystal Ball User's Guide.

Defects Fixed in This Patch

Defect Number

Defect Fixed

• 23176609

LHS sampling produces spurious correlations across worksheets

• 23084614

Custom distribution dropping numbers entered as integers.

• 22756549

Copying worksheet after deleting CB data causes unexpected error.


Known Issues in This Patch

Defect Number


• 10046029

64-bit OptQuest: For a specified seed value, OptQuest simulation calculations can be slightly different in 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Crystal Ball Decision Optimizer, which can affect the optimization path.


If a model is very sensitive to small changes in decision variables, the best solution could differ between versions.

• 10051948

64-bit Crystal Ball: Although the same calculation algorithms are used in 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Crystal Ball, if a model has extremely large or small parameters, or other edge conditions, results can differ between versions.

• 10303159

Performance: Crystal Ball Normal speed simulations run significantly slower in Microsoft Excel when the Microsoft Euro Currency Tools add-in is loaded.

• 17671973

Performance with Microsoft Windows 8 and Microsoft Excel 2013: Crystal Ball simulations running on Microsoft Windows 8 with Microsoft Excel 2013 can experience slow performance when Microsoft Excel is not run in the foreground. This is due to changes in how Microsoft Windows 8 prioritizes CPU and additional resource usage in Microsoft Excel 2013. The workaround is to select Run Preferences, and then Speed, and then Chart Windows, and then Suppress chart windows (fastest). Next, within Crystal Ball select Run Preferences, then Options, and then clear Show control panel. It is also important to avoid activating a window manually while running a simulation.

• 13772884, 16489495, 16950297

Localization: When users are working with both Crystal Ball and Oracle Smart View for Office and they switch the Oracle Smart View for Office language setting to a language different from the Microsoft Office language setting, the user interface displays a variety of mixed language issues.


Applying This Patch

Information about installation of Crystal Ball products is provided in the Oracle Crystal Ball Installation and Licensing Guide. Also see License Key Request Process.html for information about obtaining and applying a Crystal Ball license code. Review this information thoroughly before installing Crystal Ball products.