Authoring for Extended Taxonomy Package

The set of Solvency II reporting templates produced by the European Insurance is not enough for a local or national jurisdiction. In that case the local jurisdiction had introduced a number of reporting templates called National Specific Templates. This is an extension of the EIOPA published taxonomy and address requirements specific to the local market.

The authoring process is designed to handle millions of rows of transactional data for the National Specific Templates (NSTs) publishing. The NST extension taxonomy package defines the taxonomy elements and validates the data collected by National Supervisory Authority (NSA). The dpm_taxonomy_info.xml configuration file is located at <MW_HOME>\user_projects\epmsystem1\DisclosureManagement\discman1\config enables High Volume XBRL to publish data.

The dpm_taxonomy_info.xml file contains registration information for the NST extension taxonomy. The registration blocks define support for publishing to the base taxonomies such as SII 1.5.2c, SII 2.0, and SII 2.0.1.


Before registering a NST mapping file, you must verify the dpm_taxonomy_info.xml file is located at <MW_HOME>\user_projects\epmsystem1\DisclosureManagement\discman1\config, where Disclosure Management server is running.


To configure NST extension taxonomy and NST publishing, see Configuring NST Extension Taxonomy.