Changing the Mapping Options

Only a user with Financial Management Administrator privileges should do these steps. This step is required if there is a change in the mapping file or taxonomy has changed.


Before publishing you must perform these steps.

  To change the mapping settings:

  1. Go to the Mapping Settings tab.

  2. For the Mapping File Entry:

    1. The Oracle Quantitative Management and Reporting for Solvency II (QMR) application provides a prebuilt XBRL mapping file. Each QMR mapping file matches a specific version of QMR and a specific version of the Solvency II taxonomy (for example, QMR_2.3.0_XBRLMapping_SII_V2.0.1.txt).

    2. Other applications might also provide a prebuilt mapping file, or you can create your own mapping file. Click Browse to select the Mapping File provided: (for example, AcmeBank_XBRLMapping_SBR_2011_02_13.txt).

  3. For the DPM Workbook Entry:

    Click Browse to select the DPM Workbook downloaded from 1.5, page 6 (DPM Workbook). The workbook should be in SOL2 DPM Dictionary.xlsx.

  4. Select the Taxonomy applicable for this filing. This should be the taxonomy that was uploaded in Section 1.3.1.

  5. Click Upload.

  6. After the upload, note the Output Messages. Only warnings should be listed. If errors are listed, contact Oracle Technical Support.

    HVX Mappings window