Viewing the XBRL Instance Using Arelle

After publishing the instance you should have zipped output (default name is In that zipped file there is a file with an extension *.xbrl. This is the XBRL instance that was generated. To view the instance:

  To view the instance:

  1. Unzip the file generated into a temporary directory.

  2. Open Arelle, installed in Section 1.6.

  3. Click File, then Open, and then open the file with the .xrbl extension.

    Loading takes time, because all EIOPA-referenced taxonomies are being downloaded.


    After the initial load of EIOPA taxonomies, you can set Arelle to work offline. Select Tools, then Internet, and then select Work Offline.

  4. After the instance is loaded:

    • You can view the appropriate schedule by selecting the schedule on the left.

    • You can view it in table form by selecting the Table tab on the right side.

    • To validate basic XBRL in Arelle, click Tools, and then Validation.

      1. Ensure that Validation menu items are clear.

      2. Click Validate.

    Sample Arelle view