Viewing the HTML Instance Using Arelle

If the size of the table or schedule is too large, you can view the XBRL instance in HTML. You can generate the HTML version using Arelle if you have the plug–in for Save HTML EBA Tables.

  To save HTML EBA Tables Plugin

  1. Open Arelle, select Help and then Manage Plug–ins.

  2. The Plug-in Manager window, verify that the Save.

    Plug-in Manager
  3. If the table does not exist, then you must install it going to the plug-in directory.

    Plug-in Module File window

In Arelle, use the command line arelleCmdLine.exe

To generate the HTML representation of the instance:

<Path_to_Arelle>\arelleCmdLine.exe –f <Path_to_xbrl_instance>\<xbrl_instance> --logfile=<Path_to_logfile>\<logfile_name> --plugins

"|" --disclosureSystem eiopa --formula none --save-EBA-


Path_to_Arelle is the path to the location of installed Arelle software. For example, C:\Program Files\Arelle.

xbrl instance is the instance that was generated by Disclosure Management and will have the extension of .xbrl

Path_to_logfile is the path to the location of the log file. For example, C:\Temp .

Path_to_output_html_files is the path to the location of the output HTML files to be generated.

logfile_name is the log file that will be generated during the HTML generation process.

Html_index_file_name is the filename that will be generated.