Log Analyzer Charts Window

The Log Analyzer Charts window displays a log chart and a table of log-chart entries for anEssbase Server instance or for an application.


To view a text-only version of a log, use Log Viewer.

The following boxes provide information about the current log:

  • Created by

  • Created on

  • Earliest date in log

  • Latest date in log—Always the current date

From the Duration box, you can select a duration and, thereby, restrict the log chart to the specified period of time. The duration begins on the current day and moves backwards.

From the “View by filter” list, you can select a pre-defined or custom filter and, thereby, restrict the displayed chart to one type of message. The following pre-defined filter names indicate the type of messages that each filter, respectively, includes in the chart:

  • Errors

  • Warnings

  • Calculations—Within application logs, for block storage databases, includes the elapsed calculation times for calculation strings (1012550) and calculation scripts (1012579) and, for aggregate storage databases, includes the elapsed times for aggregate view selection processes (1270046) and for materialization of aggregate views (1270045)

  • Logged users—Within Essbase Server logs, includes user login messages (1051187)

  • Spreadsheet queries—Within application logs, includes elapsed spreadsheet query times (1020055)

  • Data loads—Within application logs, includes, for block storage databases, the number of cells updated by a data load (1003037) and the elapsed time for the data load process (1003052) and includes, for aggregate storage databases, the elapsed times for the data-load process and the data-load-buffer commit process (1003058)

To add a custom filter to the “View by filter” list, click the Add Filter button, and then, in the Add Custom Filter dialog box, create a filter. To edit or delete a custom filter, from the “View by filter” list, select the filter, and then, click the Edit Filter or Delete Filter button.


You can add, edit, and delete only custom filters.

To display other than the default three-dimensional line graph, select one or more of the following options:

  • Enable 3D—Displays a three-dimensional view

  • Stack bar charts—For custom filters in which Series is defined, stacks the bars of a bar chart

  • Draw filled—Fills a line graph with color

You can modify the display of the log-entry table in the following ways:

  • Hide the table by clearing the “Show log entries” option

  • Drag columns to different locations

  • Sort columns by double-clicking column headers

At any time, you can click Refresh, to start a manual-refresh process. If you want to enable an auto-refresh process, in the “Refresh rate” box, specify the refresh rate (in seconds, minutes, or hours). Then, you can click Start to start an auto-refresh process or click Stop to cancel an auto-refresh process.

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