Editing the Shared Services Registry

  To edit the Shared Services Registry:

  1. Back up the Shared Services Registry.

  2. On a machine hosting the 11.1.x EPM System software, go to EPM_ORACLE_INSTANCE/bin and run the following command:

    epmsys_registry view componentType

    You need to view the component hierarchy to get the component property names that required to delete a component or update a component property.

    For information see Viewing the Components in the Shared Services Registry.

  3. Depending on the required changes, refer to the following commands:

    To delete a component, see Deleting a Component Instance.

    To update a component property, see Updating a Component Property.


    When you run epmsys_registry commands on UNIX platforms, all # must be preceded by \.

  4. If you changed the LOGICAL_WEB_APP property for any product, run EPM System Configurator and configure the web server again. (On the Task Selection page, select the Foundation Services Web Server Configuration task.)