Financial Management — Configure Cluster

  Specify the names of the application servers that participate in the cluster.

An application server cluster is a set of application servers running the same application. Clustered application servers provide load balancing and failover capability and enable the servers to be transparently maintained while applications remain available for users.

The following table describes options for Financial Management cluster configuration.

EPM System Configurator FieldsDescriptionYour Information

Defined Clusters

Select the cluster for which you want to specify servers.

This list displays all clusters you have specified on any machine in the installation.

You can also add, edit, or remove a cluster.

When you add a cluster, specify the cluster name, and select Use Sticky Server if you want to direct all requests for a specific session to the same server.


Available Servers

Select the server that you want to include in the cluster, and click or select Add.

The list displays all available servers. If there is only one server, it is listed here. Servers already in a cluster are not available and are not listed.


Servers in the Cluster

The list displays all servers in the currently selected cluster. To remove a server from the list, select it and click or select Remove.


If you use multiple application servers connected to one database server, you must ensure that the system clocks on the application servers are synchronized. If the clocks are not synchronized, the data being viewed might not be current.


The synchronization between Financial Management application servers is based on system time. Changing the clock can affect this synchronization. For the time change to and from Daylight Savings Time, Oracle recommends that you stop the servers before the time change and restart them afterward.