Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)

The following products require IIS to be installed with ASP.NET support enabled before installation of the EPM System product:

  • Performance Management Architect Service (Dimension Server)

  • Strategic Finance

  • Data Relationship Management

Notes about IIS:

  • In Windows Server Manager, make sure the following options are selected for Roles for Web Server (IIS):

    • ASP.NET under Application Development

    • IIS6 Management Compatibility under Management Tools (for IIS 7 and IIS 8 only)

  • If .NET is not detected, EPM System Installer installs the version required for your version of Windows.

  • On Windows 2008 and Windows 2012, if you are configuring products that require IIS, EPM System Configurator automatically configures the required Windows server roles for IIS if they are not already installed.

  • If IIS is chosen as the web server during configuration, you must allow all unknown ISAPI extensions through the Internet Information Services Manager.