Ensuring that Host Names Resolve

Before configuring, ensure that the host name resolves properly for each machine in the deployment. EPM System uses Java’s canonical host name resolution for resolving host names. To validate host names as resolved by Java, EPM System provides a utility (epmsys_hostname.bat).

  To ensure that host names resolve:

  1. Set the JAVA_HOME variable. From a command prompt, enter set JAVA_HOME=pathToJAVA. For example, for the default location that EPM System Installer uses for Java, enter the following command: set JAVA_HOME=c:\oracle\middleware\jdk160_35.

  2. Unzip epmsys_hostname.zip, in EPM_ORACLE_HOME/common/config/

  3. From a command prompt, change to the directory to which you unzipped the utility, and then enter the following command:

    epmsys_hostname.bat hostName
  4. Review the results in the command line.

    For example:

    InetAddress details of host hostNameAddress is xx.xxx.xxx.xxxName is hostNameCanonical Name is hostName.mycompany.com
  5. If you see the error “Unable to determine the host details”, to resolve the host name, create a local hosts file and add an entry for this server.