Lifecycle Management Components

Lifecycle Management consists of these components:

  • LCM Administrator Role—Oracle Hyperion Shared Services user role that performs Lifecycle Management tasks. The LCM Administrator can use Lifecycle Management to view Shared Services artifacts in the Foundation application group or migrate an application, a repository, or individual artifacts across product environments and operating systems. Any user provisioned with this role has the ability to extract and load artifacts into any EPM System product that is registered with the same Shared Services instance.


    Some EPM System products require that Lifecycle Management users be provisioned additional product roles (in addition to the LCM Administrator role) to perform Lifecycle Management tasks. For additional roles, see the appendixes at the end of this guide.

  • LCM Designer Role—Shared Services user role that performs Lifecycle Management tasks. Users provisioned with the LCM Designer role can define a migration and perform an export operation, but cannot perform an import operation.

  • Shared Services Console—Shared Services user interface that enables users to perform administrative tasks such as provisioning and lifecycle management.

  • Migration Options—A part of Shared Services Console where you input migration export and import options to use during migrations.

  • Migration Status Report—Provides user info, source and destination information, a progress indicator for “In Progress” migrations, migration date, time, and duration, and migration status (In Progress, Completed, or Failed). Migration detail is provided for migrations showing a status of Failed.

  • Lifecycle Management Log Files—Capture all Lifecycle Management migration activity.